"The school has been able to provide an excellent and individualized education to our four very different children who are thriving academically and socially in this warm, caring environment. We feel we made a wonderful choice becoming a part of the GRTWA family."

- Sheera Siegel, current parent

"The Gottesman RTW Academy has been the thread that binds my family's moral fiber. The school has demonstrated year after year unconditional love and nurturing aspects from all angles and approach for every student to achieve and attain their goals."

- Fawn Zwickel, current parent

"The unique educational experience of Gottesman enabled me and my classmates to develop a strong, confident, and defined sense of who we are as people. We learned to be comfortable and proud of our Judaism and armed with knowledge about the history and culture of our people."

- Elana Widmann, Class of 2006


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