Faculty and Staff

Our wonderful staff is uniquely warm and dedicated to our children.  Our student to teacher ratios are low, enabling our excellent staff to provide a nurturing, individualized program for our students. The ECC student/teacher ratio is 5:1, the Lower School student/teacher ratio is 5:1, and the Middle School student/teacher ratio is 4:1.


(all extensions and voicemails can be reached by first dialing our main number, 973-584-5530)

Mr Moshe Vaknin, Head of School
BA, History, Montclair State University
MA, Bible & Semitic Languages, Jewish Theological Seminary
Graduate of Day School Head Program, Jewish Theological Seminary

ext 3021

Dr Cheryl Bahar, Dean of General Studies
BA, Psychology, York University, Toronto
BEd, Education, York University, Toronto
MEd, Curriculum & Instruction, University of Toronto
PhD, Special Education, UCLA, California State University LA
ext 3011 cbahar@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Ricki Rubin, Director, Lillie Brandt Early Childhood Center
BA, Elementary Ed, Queens College
MS, Early Childhood Education, Queens College
ext 3017 rrubin@grtwacademy.org
Ms Sue Och, Director of Finance
BA, Comparative Literature, University of Pennsylvania
MBA, Marketing and Statistics, NYU Stern School of Business
ext 3010 soch@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Donna Pradith, Director of Operations
BBA, Real Estate, Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College
ext 3014 dpradith@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Naomi Bacharach, Director of Institutional Advancement
BA, Communications, American University
ext 3015 nbacharach@grtwacademy.org

Classroom Staff


Mrs Stephanie Ackerman 2nd Grade General StudiesTeacher 3319 sackerman@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Edna Alberts Kindergarten Judaic Studies Teacher 3304 ealberts@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Stacey Bolnick ECC Assistant 3314 sbolnick@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Selena Campione Infant Caregiver 3305 scampione@grtwacademy.org
Rabbi Yitzchok Cohen 4th - 7th Grade Judaic Studies Teacher 3318 ycohen@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Nancy Delman Kindergarten General Studies Teacher 3023 ndelman@grtwacademy.org
Ms Inesa Eynisman 1st Grade General Studies Teacher 3325 ieynisman@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Luiza Finberg 4th Grade & MS Hebrew Teacher
K-8 Music Teacher
3312 lfinberg@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Nicole Fiore 4th Grade General Studies Teacher 3301 nfiore@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Marjorie Freiman ECC Assistant 3310 mfreiman@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Rachel Fried 1st Grade Assistant 3313 rfried@grtwacademy.org
Miss Colleen Iandolo Infant Caregiver 3303 ciandolo@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Eleanor Knapp Art Teacher  3317 eknapp@grtwacademy.org
Ms Debra Kudriavetz Infant Caregiver 3327 dkudriavetz@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Nurit Lev 5th Grade & MS Hebrew Teacher 3024 nlev@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Suzanne Levat ECC Teacher 3322 slevat@grtwacademy.org
Ms Rhonda Levine ECC Teacher 3324 rlevine@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Rosa Lynch 3rd & 5th Grade General Studies Teacher 3320 rlynch@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Rachel Meiner 3rd Grade Judaic Studies Teacher 3307 rmeiner@grtwacademy.org
Miss Natalie Montone Special Ed Teacher 3336 nmontone@grtwacademy.org
Ms Nancy Peled Wolf ECC & Mechina Hebrew Teacher 3338 npeledwolf@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Karen Rendina ECC-1st Grade Science Teacher 3302 krendina@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Catherine Rosenthal 2nd - 5th Grade Science Teacher 3306 crosenthal@grtwacademy.org
Ms Janice Rozenwasser

ECC Music Teacher
2nd Grade Hebrew & Judaic Studies Teacher
MS Spanish Teacher

3311 jrozenwasser@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Kate Rubenstein ECC Teacher 3334 krubenstein@grtwacademy.org
Rabbi Moshe Rudin 8th Grade Judaic Studies Teacher 3305 rrudin@grtwacademy.org
Miss Lori Seigerman Kindergarten & 3rd Grade Assistant 3326 lseigerman@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Regina Shtirmer ECC Assistant 3328 rshtirmer@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Laura Silvestri MS Math Teacher 3316 lsilvestri@grtwacademy.org
Ms Ziva Soll-Adam 1st Grade Hebrew & Judaic Studies Teacher
3rd Grade Hebrew Teacher
3340 zsolladam@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Lorena Sperber ECC Assistant 3329 lsperber@grtwacademy.org
Rabbi Mendel Stiefel 8th Grade Judaic Studies Teacher 3315 mstiefel@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Sheri Swiss MS Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher 3308 sswiss@grtwacademy.org
Ms Julie Wallwork Infant Caregiver 3341 jwallwork@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Leigh Wynn MS Science Teacher 3339 lwynn@grtwacademy.org

Support Staff

NAME POSITION VoiceMail or Extension EMAIL
Mr Matthew Baran IT Coordinator ext 3022 mbaran@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Patricia Coviello Bookkeeper ext 3013 pcoviello@grtwacademy.org
Mr William Kellar Maintenance ext 3026 wkellar@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Gail Sulkin Librarian ext 3020 gsulkin@grtwacademy.org
Mrs Phyllis Vida Nurse ext 3018 pvida@grtwacademy.org
Ms Michele Wasserman Receptionist ext 3012 mwasserman@grtwacademy.org